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  Exposed! Nude Paris Hilton taking a bath
Paris Hilton New Sex Videos
Paris Hilton is back with a new Tape! Don`t miss it - HOT! HOT! HOT!
A private video of Paris taking a bubble bath. And dont worry, seeing as the bubbles are covering her body the classy girl makes sure to stand up and wipe them off.

Paris hilton did it again. Shes has a video out again. The video shows her in a bathtub having a bubble bath. The video was taken from a storage facility in november 2005. Hilton apparently didnt pay a $208.00 bill. Its strange that just before Paris Hiltonís career took off her sex tape was plastered all over the internet. She didnít have anything to do with it? Its looking a little suspicious now that her simple life thing is rocking another sex video is coming out.
She is not the most beautiful, she is just the most HOT!!! Its almost hard to believe how good Paris Hilton is to us. We have about 200 amazing new videos, Paris naked, Paris with illegal substances, and on and on. This girl parties. It must be because Paris has been hanging out with Britney that she "did it again"!!! Wow!